Prototype Bulldog Front corner

This is one of our prototype Bulldog platforms

Robots Platforms! Yes, we have started selling the BullDog robotic platform. Parts for 10 bases have been made and we are currently building them for sale. Right now there are 2 flavors that are available: The first uses an RC4WD transmission and comes with a split, beveled nose. The reason for this is that you can then put a rotating camera in the front. The RC4WD transmission is short and gets the motor out of the way. It also give you a lot of room for sensors in the front. The second option is a flat nose, that is the same as the back panel. This works well with a BaneBots transmission and motor.

You can buy a raw platform from 3 Dawn through PayPal (email us for price) or you can buy a completely assembled robot from InspectorBots.

Also, we have posted some video of the Bulldog platform running through its paces.

Inside of the Bulldog Platform

RC4WD motor is in the front right and back left corners, BaneBots motors are in opposite corners